This is a description of my second projects site.

I have selected the site where I thought it will be suitable for my clients company and the company’s future aim.

I expect my clients company will grow  much more to be as a global company through this site.

And I also expect it will make a powerful contribution to the social evolution. (trough cultural, local contribution)

Location :  55-7, Mullae-dong 3-ga, yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

           Land use of the surrounding.                                                                                                                          


-Yellow : Residence

-Brown : Commercial

-Purple : School

-Gray : Iron work

-Blue dots : Subway

                       Current use of the site 

The place is now used for an ‘Apartment style factory’ and 11floor high.

              Surrounding scale of the site

The north side of the site is high-rised and the south side is low-rised.

Site view from the main enterance to the site.        

                      Historical context.

The site was used for iron industry district at the 1970’s ~ 80’s. But as the iron industry declines from the late 20 centuries, the workers left this place and Mullae seemed to be left out from the high-tech context. But in about the same time, the artist whom had their studio at Hong-dae and Insa, couldn’t afford their studios rent because it was rising rapidly. So it was them who decided to come into Mullae’s empty place and made a small community with the remaining iron workers. So these two different people now live in this place and make relation each other in their own way.

      Studio map of Mullae.    

This is the location of the artists studios and more artists are still moving into Mullae. They work with the iron workers and motivate each other. And as a way of communication, the artist paint at Mullae’s wall and anywhere and make a image of Mullae.


Image of Mullae.